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The Best Meme-Based Geometric Deflationary Token

A mathematically computed deflationary rate that maintains its longevity.

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30% of the total supply during our public sale...
30% of the total supply during our public sale. Within the sale period, there will be no tax implementation. Tax implementation will only start after an AMM listing. The public-sale price will be calculated at 1 $SAFU = 0.000000015 BNB. All unsold tokens will be burned.

1 Trillion $SAFU

Total Token Supply

100 Billion $SAFU

Seed Sale
1 $SAFU = 0.00000001 BNB

300 Billion $SAFU

Public Sale
1 $SAFU = 0.000000015 BNB

200 Billion $SAFU


250 Billion $SAFU

Team and Development

80 Billion $SAFU

Marketing & Partnerships

70 Billion $SAFU

CZ Fund
(CZ, claim it if you want)


Besides our rocking meme forefront and catchy name, the $SAFU token is truly unique. Unlike many experimental deflationary tokens with arbitrary deflation rates, $SAFU is controlled and calculated in a unique way (check out our lightpaper to learn more). Each transaction will collect a 5% tax fee, where 2% is burned, and 3% is sent to the $SAFU ecosystem reward vault. This reward can then be collected by our committed users through the different venues within our ecosystem.

NFT Market

Purchase unique passive yielding NFTs from our digital selection


Stake tokens and LP to claim rewards


Create quality content and claim rewards

SAFU Launchpad

Invest in quality projects that are SAFU guaranteed

Rugged Charity Swap

Have a rugged token that is listed on our charity swap? Swap it in for $SAFU


Test your prediction skills and win some $SAFU

The ultimate meme token

It’s the best money-making meme machine you’ll be a part of. Let’s gooooo

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  • Launchpad
  • Audit Completion
  • Rugged Charity Swap
  • Coingecko Listing


  • Unique NFT Market
  • Zone
  • Bets
  • Staking


  • Exchange Listing

How to buy $SAFU


Download Metamask

Set up a wallet and fund with BNB


Go to PancakeSwap

On Pancake Swap connect your Metamask



Click this link which will pre-fill our address in your "To" field and set slippage to 5%


Add to Metamask

Add our address below to your Metamask to see your $SAFU holdings.

Legal Disclaimer

The CEEZEE SAFU token ecosystem, and team, is in no way affiliated with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, or its CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ). $SAFU is a way to promote an ideology of safe funds and has no intention or scheme to coax users. The information provided on this website, and external affiliated links, do not promote or instigate any investment or financial advice. The $SAFU team does not recommend, instigate, or force you to purchase cryptocurrency. In other words, if you decide to purchase a cryptocurrency, it was done under your sole discretion. As a user of our interface and platform, you must do your own research and consult with investment professionals prior to making any decisions. By purchasing and using the CEEZEE SAFU platform, you are formally agreeing to the following: 1) The team is harmless and not liable for any loss of your funds or additional federal taxations that may occur. 2) You have done your due diligence in understanding the nature of the $SAFU token ecosystem. 3) You understand the governing laws and regulations from the country you are in, and which crypto commodities may or may not fall within the regulatory bounds before any purchase.

Risk Disclosure

Although cryptocurrency is becoming a popular way for individuals to use as securities, please note the high volatility that is involved in trading, investing, staking, and purchasing crypto commodities. There are always high risks associated with smart-contracts. Everything that you are provided with through our platform is for informational and educational purposes. All information claimed or provided, should be independently confirmed, researched, and verified. The SAFU team cannot be held accountable for damage or loss due to reliance on the information provided. Lastly: 1) Understand the risks involved. 2) Consult a professional financial advisor. 3) Only use money you can afford to lose.